A musician of phenomenal virtuosity and the highest skill

“The Vivaldi’s violin concert “The Four Seasons” was performed under Durgaryan’s direction, in which, as always, the famous artist Nikolai Madoyan soloed amazingly. Brilliance and inexhaustible richness of colors were combined in his game with graphically clear lines, inspired elements, inspiration – with the restraining power of intelligence. Madoyan played his part endearingly boldly, with such pressure and scope that the improvisation of the soloist did not slow down, but continued the movement of the musical narration, giving him a new impetus for development.
The brilliant soloist and orchestra conducted by Durgaryan recreated wonderful music in all its beauty and splendor. The performance was captivated by the harmonious combination of intention and embodiment, which captivated the audience, surprised by the freshness of sound, a young, lively feeling.
The performances of a wonderful violinist are always inspiring. His programs are extraordinary, differ in a certain orientation. Popular works in them are often adjacent to the undeservedly forgotten or first performed. How many associations, considerations are caused by his homographic cycles of concerts, when during one evening he played all Beethoven’s violin concerts. But the meeting with Durgaryan is not the first. Everyone remembers his performance at the National Opera and Ballet Theater, when a talented violinist for one evening in partnership with the symphony orchestra of the opera theater under the direction of Karen Durgaryan played six violin concerts of Niccolo Paganini. A musician of phenomenal virtuosity and the highest skill, Nikolai has the gift of inexhaustible enjoyment of playing his instrument. This he demonstrated in the opening concert of the season of the State Chamber Orchestra as well.

— Nataliya Gomtsyan