Madoyan’s sound is rich and full of attention to detail

“Here is a recording well worth exploring – both for the music of this glorious Russian melodist and the playing. These passionate essays are given musically intelligent, imaginative, and empathic readings by both violinist and pianist.
Madoyan’s sound is rich and full of attention to detail. His subtle shadings reflect a finely tuned sensibility. Seemingly without effort, Westenholz consistently mirrors the violinist’s phrasing and articulation. We are given all this detail and still the big picture never gets lost. What a pleasure!
Both sonatas represent Prokofiev’s later output, yet they differ markedly from each other. The rarely-heard F minor, Op. 80, is longer – lasting half an hour. In the later, lighter, and more familiar D major, the form is more obvious, more accessible. The Five Melodies are 14 minutes of magic, exploring the composer’s lyrical bent. These little gems lead into the territory of the ineffable – of tenderly private and refined feelings shared in only the safest of circumstances.
—- Margaret M. Barela